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Workplace aggression with Dr. Jodie Lowinger

Workplace aggression with Dr. Jodie Lowinger


There are pressures in the work environment that cause us or others to lash out. In this snack bite podcast; Dr. Jodie Lowinger talks us through the amygdala, the part of our brain that lights up under stress. It is also our survival mechanism, the amygdala tells us what we perceive as a danger or a threat and triggers our aggressive behaviour.

In a constant and busy work environment, employees should learn skills that can train aspects of your brain to stay calm, focused and attentive on the present moment- especially during stressful work moments. Learning these skills can help you develop your emotional intelligence, which is linked directly to self-awareness, self-power and higher levels of work performance.


Host: Terry Robson

Special Guest: Jodie Lowinger

Producer: Charles Hunter

Writer: Brianna Stephenson

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