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How Design in the workplace is boosting productivity

How Design in the workplace is boosting productivity

Wellness Interior Design


Words / Isabella Ross

Gaining momentum is wellness interior design, cementing itself into the design of workplaces across the country. Consisting of just a few simple design enhancements, this movement is all about productivity and balance. By creating a positive working environment that nurtures the health of its staff, employers can see a significant improvement in productive efficiency and wellbeing.


Vitality of Colour

It is no secret that colour can have a major impact on our mood. When walking into a bright and airy space in comparison to a dim and dingy room, it is definite that varying colour tones can reflect our energy. Recent studies have shown that psychological changes occur when people are exposed to certain colours. In comes “corporate colour therapy.”

Several major companies have begun to embrace colourful accents in their offices and brainstorming rooms, to promote productivity and motivation.

  • Water colours like soft greys, blues and green have a relaxing energy
  • Navy, deep reds and chocolate browns are ideal for those seeking power and authority
  • Bold colours like red foster excitement and build energy
  • Yellow induces a sense of optimism and creativity


Feng Shui Desks

An ancient Chinese art and science, Feng Shui has been used for centuries to bring desired chi, or energy, into a space. To ease the tension and occasional negativity of a busy work day, try and adopt some Feng Shui practices. Desk location is arguably the most important factor when it comes to designing your office’s Feng Shui. The best arrangement is one in which your desk is not pushed up against a wall but rather has open space immediately in front of it. Your desk acts like the foundation for your success. In terms of shape, a rectangular desk is best. Avoid arc-shaped desks as they are considered inauspicious. Ideally, your desk would be made out of timber, as according to Kathryn Weber, who runs Reed Lotus Letter Feng Shui, “Wood represents healthy, vibrant growth.”


All Things Green

Recently there has been a shift towards the sustainable “green-orientated” design. The standard indoor environment has been completely transformed, with greenery now playing an active role in supporting the cognitive function and productivity of office workers. The purifying effect of green interiors provides a sense of tranquillity – a necessary state of mind when it comes to the everyday stress of workplace woes. Circling back to Feng Shui, improving the energy in a room is as simple as adding a flowering plant or fern on your desk.

Popular green methods taking place in offices include:

  • Green walls
  • Maximising natural light sources
  • Embracing renewable energy sources including solar and wind energy
  • Using recycled paper
  • Bringing a plant desk
  • Encouraging green commuting, including carpooling, public transport or bicycling


Clutter-Free Spaces

A tedious yet practical task, cleaning your space on a regular basis is necessary when it comes to wellness design. The ultimate satisfaction of having a de-cluttered environment is well worth the labour. Saying goodbye to unnecessary mess is the first step to improving the productivity in your office. Everything in your office should have a functional purpose. So if you have held off replacing broken equipment that is lying around aimlessly, remove, replace or repair it. Investing in good quality technology and storage equipment is definitely worthwhile.

In simple terms – mess causes stress.

An organised and tidy desk encourages optimism, which in turn supports a positive wellbeing and balanced mind. Adopting simples strategies like these listed throughout the week will ensure your space remains orderly.

  • Clean and dust – even the nooks and crannies usually ignored
  • Sort through files
  • Let fresh air circulate
  • Colour code when necessary
  • Empty the recycling box and bin on a regular basis
  • Keep computer screen wipes handy


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