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Universal Magazines launches bespoke division for WellBeing

Universal Magazines launches bespoke division for WellBeing


Universal Magazines is tapping into corporate wellness for the first time, launching a new bespoke wellbeing consultancy, WellBeing Grow.

The new division is an employee wellness consulting firm which seeks to provide solutions for businesses, such as events, workshops, coaching, health checks and health programs.

The new division will seek to help businesses build out wellbeing programs

It builds off the niche publisher’s Wellbeing magazine, which has been running for a number of years. The publisher saw an opportunity in the corporate sector.

For Emma Perera, associate publisher at Universal Media and co-founder of Wellbeing Grow, the launch is an opportunity to expand the reached of the media title.

“Readers, viewers, and followers look to top media brands for quality content they can trust and that is curated to their interests. For more than 30 years, WellBeing has delivered award-winning, science-based, engaging and shareable content on how to lead a healthy and naturally-well life,” Perera said.

“WellBeing GROW is an opportunity to leverage that legacy to help corporates support their staff and make real cultural changes within their organisation.”

The new consultancy adds onto Universal Magazines’ digital services, including Cosy Project and WellBeing Shop.

On top of its current offering, the division has also launched a podcast series targeted at businesses and HR leaders which looks at how to build a dynamic and health work environment.

Charles Hunter, managing director, WellBeing Grow, said while prevention is better than a cure, a lot of companies are struggling to drive behavioural change through their wellness programs.

“We’re using digital tools and leaning on our editorial expertise to create content, podcasts and more to talk to a new audience and put corporate wellbeing on the agenda in a big way,” Hunter said.

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