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The Healing Practice of Ayurveda with Lee Holmes

The Healing Practice of Ayurveda with Lee Holmes

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Lee Holmes is the author of eight cookbooks on superfoods and inner health, including the renowned publication and wellness program Heal your Gut. She is a trained food nutritionist, a yoga and meditation teacher and a holistic health coach. She combines her knowledge and understanding of Eastern medicine and healing philosophies with simple, delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes.

What do you know about Eastern medicine, wisdom and holistic health practices?

In this week’s episode, join our host Terry Robson and Lee Holmes as they discuss the fundamentals of Ayurveda in less than 15 minutes. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing practice and health science that has been refined over thousands of years.

In this week’s podcast, find out:

  • What an Ayurvedic dosha is and which one fits you
  • How to eat for your dosha
  • The four healing modalities of Ayurveda
  • Why every diet is a unique and individual experience
  • The benefits of mindful eating



Lee Holmes, is the author of eight books including the bestselling Supercharged Food series, a trained nutritionist, wholefood chef, yoga teacher, Lifestyle FOOD Healthy Eating Expert, writer for Huffington Post and WellBeing magazine, and is part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution team.

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