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Office posture, with Tegan Haining

Office posture, with Tegan Haining


Tegan Haining provides you with the solutions for bad desk posture in the office. The effects of training without an emphasis on alignment and postural exercises in your youth can be the difference between bad and great alignment in your older years.

Posture according to Haining is, “your ability to stand up straight and tall with an element of ease”.  Working in an office for many can mean hunching at a desk all day and losing the ability to maintain good posture.  Tegan discusses how you can support your spine during a day in the office and build habits that can maintain the health of your spine for the rest of your life.

Exercises like wall squats (whilst taking an office call), tri-cep dips and hip extensions with your legs up on your chair can work some of the muscles you don’t work sitting down all day…


Host: Terry Robson

Special Guest: Tegan Haining

Producer: Charles Hunter

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