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Manifest your goals with lunar meditation

Manifest your goals with lunar meditation

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Words / Danielle Kirk  

Every morning for the past month, I’ve been inhaling love, security and joy and exhaling love, security and joy. I plop myself down on a meditation cushion, post-yoga and pre-coffee, look at an amateur illustration of a tree and focus on these three feelings which are associated with something I’d like in my life. I hold the feelings with me at the close of each meditation then I pre-emptively thank the universe and say,

“This or something better manifests in the highest or best way.”

As far as rituals go, this manifestation meditation is a fairly nice one to start the day with. Not only does it put me in a positive frame of mind, the follow-up step is a proactive, practical one: to write down an action step for the day that will get me closer to my aim — and then do it. The kicker? I must place my trust in the universe … and that’s easier said than done.


The program:

The architect of my new-found ritual is Jordanna Levin, who’s been running Lunar Nights — monthly intention setting and manifestation events centred on the new moon — since mid-2016. Moon-based events have been popular of late, so I attended Levin’s new six-hour Soul Clarity manifestation workshop (from AU$200) followed by a Lunar Night (from AU$45).

And that’s how I found myself sitting in a circle with 12 women at Heart Space Manor in Bondi Junction on a Saturday morning. Despite some hyperbole around Soul Clarity on the event website, effectively it’s designed to teach participants how to harness universal cycles and the “Law of Vibration” — the idea that you bring about what you think about and vibrate — to create a manifestation practice, and to clarify what it is they actually want in life.

Levin, a vibrant, engaging host, opened with a centring meditation to bring our focus firmly into the room. After introductions, she shared her background and how manifestation practices and connecting to the moon cycles had changed her own life. Some of her experiences had the rational side of me scratching my head, but were genuine and undoubtedly fascinating.



Following a gentle healing meditation, we dove into self-exploration. Levin posed a series of questions designed to assess and deepen our degree of self-knowledge, such as, “What lights you up?” and “What is your biggest regret?” We wrote our answers down and discussed them, then moved on to examining our beliefs using the same Q&A format.

Building on these foundations, Levin helped us fashion a visualisation tool called the “Tree of Intentions”. Grabbing some cardboard, we each drew a tree with roots, a trunk, branches and leaves, overseen by a sun. As the day progressed, we wrote an intention on each root; on the trunk, we wrote an action to support each intention; and, on each branch, we wrote a statement focused on how it would feel to realise each intention. We wrote joyful activities and moments we wanted to adorn our lives with on the leaves and, on the sun, we wrote our “soul purpose”. The idea is that, as you water your intentions and work on your soul purpose, your tree will grow.


Manifestation Equation

We broke for lunch — a spread of nourishing vegetarian dishes — and a walk around the block, then reconvened for another session. Levin introduced her “Manifestation Equation” as well as how to optimise each element to “raise our vibration”, so drawing to us what we want. We learnt practical tips to help us: observe and choose more helpful thoughts; foster more of the feelings we want in our lives; align our actions with our intentions; and drop the fear and anxiety and learn to lean into universal cycles and trust. It felt akin to a group life coaching session for the open-minded.

At some point, we ate bliss balls and drink herbal tea, and towards the end we discussed how to implement a home manifestation ritual (see top) and other supportive energy-enhancing practises. Levin asked that we perform the ritual daily for a month then attend her next new moon event.


The result:

So on a Friday night, 26 days later, I returned to the event space to sit on a cushion on the floor with a couple of dozen souls. We drew two tarot cards each and, in keeping with an apparently love-focused Libran new moon, were given a hunk of rose quartz. Over the next three hours, Levin led us through meditations, self-exploration exercises, intention setting, sacred practices and visualisations, all themed around love, sprinkled with discussion and garnished by bliss balls and tea.

I felt nourished to be surrounded by likeminded women attracted to spirituality and natural cycles. It was much nicer than spending my Friday night at a pub or restaurant, and there was the added benefit of Levin’s guidance and warm encouragement to heighten our energies and trust in the universe. Plus, it provided an opportunity to check in with my intentions and purpose, a monthly lunar nudge to keep on track.

Oh and, between the events, I did do my homework: every day, I woke up and meditated and I completed my action step. I also did some suggested energetic work. It was a lovely way to keep my intentions front-of-mind — and the actions kept the pragmatic part of me satisfied. Something I wanted did also manifest; however, I have no idea if that was due to the groundwork I put in or my high vibrational buzz.

Either way, I’ll keep my morning ritual up.




Danielle Kirk loves yoga and cooking and occasionally climbs trees. She's also the editor of WellBeing.

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