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How to thrive at work, The Commonwealth Bank

How to thrive at work, The Commonwealth Bank



By Brianna Stephenson

Commbank knows how to integrate leadership, innovation and developmental skills into their business. As Australia’s leader in banking and financial services, The Commonwealth Bank is constantly looking for new ways to refine their corporate, retail and support spaces.

Leaders at Commbank are addressing the growing issue of mental illness in society, as well as poor health at work by making necessary and active changes. These days, the company provides its employees with exceptional health benefits, including better offices and greater resources, all contributing to its growing culture of wellbeing.

According to Ben Sheidow, Commbank’s head of health, safety and wellbeing; the company is changing its culture and it’s starting from within. Education and workshops, as well as online training facilities on mental health at work, are offered to employees at all levels of the organisation. Commbank aims to de-stigmatise mental illness by teaching employees how to engage in positive conversations regarding their mental and physical health concerns at work. Employees can also access support from their HR teams, who have undergone advanced and specialised training on mental illness and can also offer advice on approaching conversations with colleagues about mental health at work.

Commbank also provides employees with onsite facilities called “Health Hubs” across Australia’s five major capital cities. This means employees can save both time and energy with easy, onsite access to health information and resources. Employees with access to “Health Hubs” can get a check up on many aspects of their health including medical assessments, skin cancer checks, hearing tests and nutritional and psychological advice with trained health consultants, experts and professionals. These professionals can then provide employees with personalised programs that can help them get their health back on track.

The “Thrive” health and wellbeing portal is a new, online data base offering employees access to useful wellbeing resources and educational tools which they can serve themselves at anytime. It is also provides employees with membership to an online and inclusive community network. Other features of the portal includes access to TED talks, training programs, over 600 different articles, fact sheets, action plans and a “Get Help” tab; all in which encourage a positive, wellness experience at work.

Another major “Thrive” portal breakthrough is how it facilitates employee discussion on mental health at work. Employees, called the Thrive Champions, are able to discuss their health concerns whilst receiving support from their online community. The stories harbour inspiration, encouragement and friendship amongst employees who are increasingly opening up about their own journeys; from mental illness, weight loss or chronic disease.

Finally, the Commbank Wellbeing events calendar, gets employee’s offline and out into the community and participating in health and wellness adventures. These events are often held with special guest such as the Biggest Loser’s Commando Steve.  All employees have the option to attend or they can catch up, and watch the event later on their portal.

The combined mixture of traditional programs such as the “Employee Assistance Program” and the “Managerial Assistant Program” with newer programs such as the “Thrive portal” have had an extensive, and positive influence on the health and wellbeing of Commbank employees, and an overall influence on the productivity and performance of the company.

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