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How to Team Build at Work

How to Team Build at Work

By Carrol Baker

Giving with heart 

Work really can be child’s play with team building activities to motivate, build trust and strengthen relationships between co-workers. The good news is the right team building activities can not only boost morale, research shows it can improve public perception, potentially increasing business profits. 

For example, research by Omnicom Group Cone Communications, shows 70% of Gen Y cohort will spend more cash with companies they feel display social responsibility. 

There are many corporate companies who offer a diverse range of charitable team building activities – or with a little initiative you can craft your own. So, get the gang at work together to brainstorm some charitable ideas – and take it from there. 

Fight hunger 

With a charitable cook-up you can feed hungry Australians, expand your culinary prowess, and hang out with your workmates away from the office grind. At the end of the event – the food is donated to charity to help those who go hungry. 

Blitz a backyard 

Connecting with nature soothes the soul. It can also build relationships with others as you share the experience of being outdoors and helping others. Source a landscaper and liaise with a charity to help someone in need to do a garden makeover, start a veggie patch, or plant some trees. 

Run for fun 

Get your co-workers together and sign up for a corporate challenge for charity. In the lead up to the event, arrange plenty of training sessions for participants to get physically prepared for the challenge, and share the experience together. If running’s not for you – get on your bike instead with a cycling event – whether it’s a two-wheeler, unicycle or bicycle for two, there’ll be plenty of laughs along the way. 

Paint like Picasso 

If you have a few artistic co-workers, gather supplies, work out some ideas, and contact some community centres or other charities that could use a little creative cheer with a mural to brighten a space. Craft or paint pieces individually at team building sessions, share some creative fun, and then put your masterpiece together. 

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