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Cultivating mindfulness, with Dr Jodie Lowinger

Cultivating mindfulness, with Dr Jodie Lowinger


Mindfulness, your ability to focus on the present moment and cultivate self-awareness, is a powerful tool for any business.

Organisations are starting to realise the impact work can have on their employees- what makes some work cultures more synonymous to stress and mental illness than others? Organisations that don’t take responsibility for the wellness of their employees at work experience higher rates of presenteeism and absenteeism and lower rates of productivity and motivation.

Doctor Jodie Lowinger is the Founder and Principal Clinical psychologist at the Sydney Anxiety Clinic. She is also a corporate psychologist and is the founder of Mind Strength consulting where she coaches businesses and executives on mind strengthening skills and techniques. With over 20 years’ of industry experience, Lowinger helps workers enhance their job performance and harvest skills in mindfulness.

Mindfulness, as Lowinger describes, is the ability to be aware in the present moment, it is also a learned, and trainable skill. Implementing mindfulness in the workplace increases your ability to focus both internally and externally. It increases your job performance, your ability to pay attention; your focus and your ability to respond and not react to a crisis. It keeps you centred and grounded, especially in high-pressured, fast-paced working environments.

This podcast provides you with 10 minute insights on the benefits of mindfulness, and how you can access mindfulness at work…



Host: Terry Robson

Special Guest: Jodie Lowinger

Producer: Charles Hunter

Writer: Brianna Stephenson

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