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We all know that human resources provides for a positive workplace environment.  HR is the backbone to a successful, culturally rich organisation but how are you contributing and making your workplace more positive and inclusive?

In this episode of the WellBeing GROW podcast, Terry Robson discusses the era of a new, people-based work culture with special guest speaker Jayne Ward, an international HR specialist and current Group head of performance, talent and rewards for Australia Post. Just ask yourself, are you ready to take on new opportunities at work? Could you convey your ideas to important colleagues or board members at any given moment on any given day? Do you know who you are and what direction you want to go in at work?

Is your elevator pitch ready on standby?

Ward discusses how one simple pitch could lead you to one amazing first impression.  Having an elevator pitch can ease you into more meaningful conversations at work, and could mean avoiding all the uncomfortable, under-prepared moments. This is not to get confused with another schmooze tactic; rather it is about meaning everything you say so that you can best represent your authentic self and build more genuine relationships at work.

Listen to Robson and Ward chat about the Cultural Revolution taking place in today’s corporate world. Find out why a major company like Australia Post is evolving both digitally and culturally, for reasons beyond just pure innovation.  Ward will tell you why employees and businesses are now looking for a sense of purpose and a way to produce work that can make a difference.

Ward discusses how the mission of Australia Post – to reach the lives of every member of every Australian community – is the driving motivator of the company’s staff. This shared purpose creates a positive, inclusive culture that helps brings employees closer together.  Ward also encourages a corporate revolution based on respectful, human relationships; starting and enforced from the “top down.” This gives a new and more profound meaning to an otherwise out of date mode of hierarchy, where CEO’s are starting to lead by example amongst employees, rather than away from them.

This podcast can provide listeners with the knowledge on how to define who you are at work. It gives detailed insights into the benefits of a having a shared, and collective purpose within an organisation, how top-down hierarchy creates an inclusive work culture, and why emphasising human relationships at work is crucial for corporate productivity.

In this week’s podcast listen to:

  • Jayne’s HR journey (02:46)
  • What’s an elevator pitch? (06:42)
  • Australia Post – the largest digital workforce in Australia (12:20)
  • Top-down leadership and community service (14:45)
  • One size doesn’t fit all (17:20)
  • How to build a culture (21:13)
  • Technology’s influence on culture (25:40)
  • Pain points (26:46)
  • Inclusivity, culture and building relationships (27:37)
  • Benefits (34:00)
  • Impostor syndrome (35:50)


Host: Terry Robson

Special Guest: Jayne Ward

Producer: Charles Hunter

Writer: Brianna Stephenson

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    Open Media player like VLC
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