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There are many upsides to a happier workforce; productivity and motivation to name a few.

But what happens to your employees wellbeing during a company crisis? Ensuring the happiness and productivity of your team in the midst of a challenge can be difficult and needs the support of a driven HR team. Today’s podcast takes you on a journey with The Chief of Human Resources for Holden Australia, Ashley Winnett.

Winnett brings you industry insights and all the information you need about impending HR topics, including conscious leadership and employee motivation.

Winnett is widely known for his management skills and capabilities as the HR Executive Director for Holden. From shelf stacking at the local supermarket, to winning the 2016 LinkedIn Conscious Business Leadership award, find out why people call him The Management Maestro.

We all know that layoffs can be an inevitable part of business, but a good HR department can help all stakeholders throughout the redundancy process.

In 2013 Holden made an announcement that would affect over 3000 of there staff.

The company would cease there production in South Australia, a plant that had been operating for more than 60 years. Find out what happened and how Holden actually managed to boost their employee motivation during this time. How did the Holden HR team help their employees build resiliency and muster new job opportunities after their time with Holden.

This episode is perfect for those who want to understand the importance of leadership skills, re-modernising workplace values and HR’s role in building employee resiliency and maintaining office status quo.

In this week’s podcast listen to:

  • Why you need positive thought processes (3:03)
  • Holden’s 2013 redundancies announcement, post-traumatic growth and hitting rock bottom (13:45)
  • Maintaining employee motivation, identifying employee fears, and facilitating employee resilience (20:00)
  • Creating support networks (24:25)
  • The mindset shift (25:30)
  • Keeping things new at Holden, diagonal slices and debunking workplace rumours (29:20)
  • Flexibility and the struggle to maintain workplace connection (33:18)


Host: Terry Robson

Special Guest: Ashley Winnett

Producer: Charles Hunter

Writer: Brianna Stephenson

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