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Our MIND program draws on the latest scientific findings in mental health including neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness practices and meditation to empower your staff to utilise the full potential of their minds for successful work practices. We address stress, anxiety and other conditions and offer tools and techniques to maintain good mental health and shift unhealthy practices. Our experts help individuals to recognise their mental health needs and can work in groups or one-on-one in wellness coaching to empower happier lives. Our MIND pillar incorporates powerful brain-training techniques, visualisation, affirmations and healthy living practices for healthier minds.

Our Experts

Jim O’Connor has a Master of Applied Psychology. His advanced understanding of the science behind the optimal performance of individuals, teams and leaders in organisations makes him an authority in the field.




Dr Jodie Lowinger has worked as a clinical and corporate psychologist for more than 20 years. As our mental health and resilience lead, Jodie holds a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and a Master of Science from The University of Sydney, and was awarded the university’s Medal for Psychology at the University of New South Wales.