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The Lunch time quickie, with Tegan Haining

The Lunch time quickie, with Tegan Haining


This snack bite podcast provides you with five, easy-to-do exercises in 10 minutes. It’s a simple work out you can do, that offers you a full body workout in the office or use it to fill up the gaps you have throughout your day.  Each exercise can be adjusted to suit your fitness level, and can be done in 10 or 20 minutes based on the intensity you desire.

All you need is a timer and your chair to do 5 different and simple exercises at work- The Lunch Time Quickie!

You can do 4 reps as the warm up, then add more later to intensify the workout. This podcast provides more details on how to do these positions and integrate them into your lunch time…

Step 1: High knee sprints on the spot, jog on the spot for a low intensity option

Step 2: Dynamic push ups on your toes, on your knees for a low intensity option

Step 3: Superman swims

Step 4: Single leg squats using your chair

Step 5: Bicycle ab twists


Host: Terry Robson

Special Guest: Tegan Haining

Producer: Charles Hunter

Writer: Brianna Stephenson

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