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34 successful Australian female execs share their industry advice for female graduates


Once you’ve finished university, it can be hard landing that first job in the industry you want to work in.

Particularly in Australia where it’s taking longer for graduates to find a full-time job since the GFC.

For female graduates entering industries typically dominated by men, the conditions can be even more challenging.

We asked successful female executives from a range of industries what advice they would give female graduates who want to break into their industry.

Here’s what they had to say.

‘Don’t be afraid to branch out and look for opportunities in a sector that wasn’t your first choice’

The corporate wellness sector and industry is booming and some may not know that it is a very multifaceted and broad space.

For many female grads who studied things such as psychology, nutrition, exercise physiology, physiotherapy etc, and thought they had to go into private practice, they should not be afraid to branch out and look for opportunities in the corporate wellness space which wants hands on knowledge of this area.

Grads could discover a new found motivation and drive to help and bring their skills to the employees of corporates who may not necessarily seek them out in their personal time.

Another great way for grads to get into the space if you have a natural desire or drive to help people get the most of out of their life and enrich their lives is to join your company wellness team and drive initiatives in the company.

I think it is important to also be flexible. Embrace opportunities that come your way which may take you on a different path.

I started my career in law and then moved into magazines and media and am now creating amazing content for corporates – so you never know where your skills or journey may take you.

Emma Perera — Executive Director at WellBeing Grow

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