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Intermittent Fasting with Lee Holmes

Intermittent Fasting with Lee Holmes

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Fasting. Everyone has heard of it, many people have tried it, but what benefits are there to it and how do you know if you are doing it right?

According to Lee Holmes, a trained food nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher and a holistic health coach; intermittent fasting enables our body to heal and restore itself. Short periods of low calorie eating enables our digestive system to rest and go back to a state of equilibrium.  Intermittent fasting brings balance back to your hormones, stabilises your insulin and leptin levels and has amazing digestive benefits.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Why you should use superfoods as a low calorie substitute when fasting
  • What the 16:8 approach is and why it is easy for anyone to adopt
  • Why you should stick to a low calorie fast. 500-600 calories for women, and 600-800 for men as opposed to abstaining from food
  • How fasting reboots your brain: feel more alert and awake
  • Lee’s easy fasting recipe, quick and easy soup in a jar


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