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Gather strength for your staff and take the first step on the path of health and healing with our community wellness programs. Here, we focus on the power of generosity and the gifts of friendships with others, encouraging social actions that lift the whole, allowing individuals to feel part of something bigger than themselves for their own wellbeing and balanced living. WellBeing GROW encourages community for self-worth, communication and life purpose. Our community pillar is designed to help your staff and business flourish. Connect with our high-profile community-orientated speakers engaged in corporate social responsibility, giving back and motivational living.

Our Experts

Terry Robson Circle

Terry Robson is the editor-in-chief of WellBeing magazine. He has written five books, presents on-air segments for radio stations around Australia including a weekly program titled Terry on 702 ABC Sydney’s Afternoons program with James Valentine, and is also co-presenter of the ABC podcast series Talking Health. Terry has previously worked as health correspondent for Sky News, the Seven Network, Channel TEN and NBN Television. He currently makes regular appearances on The Morning Show.